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Quilting Lines: Free Patterns

Quilting Lines: Free Patterns: Here are the links to my posts that have pattern instructions included in them. MY DESIGNS: There are PDF links for the patterns in the...

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Little Quilts Blog: VERY BIG Log Cabin Quilt

Little Quilts Blog: VERY BIG Log Cabin Quilt:   Gloria is making this king size Log Cabin for a friend. Since she was making a two color Log Cabin, she bought extra fabrics so she wouldn...

Little Quilts Blog: Hexi-mania

Little Quilts Blog: Hexi-mania: Allison made this top . Didn't get it finished in time to enter the Marcus fabrics Just Judie contest... A masterpiece for sure. She us...

Happy Quilting: Playing the Scales - A Tutorial Yapili;i

Happy Quilting: Playing the Scales - A Tutorial: I am just thrilled to share my newest finish with you today :)  I call it, Playing the Scales and oh I am just so excited with how it turned...